Summer Footcare!

Use these 10 summer footcare tips from the College of Podiatry to get your feet in shape for summer.

1. Trim your toenails for summer

Use proper nail clippers and cut straight across – not too short, and not down at the corners, as this can lead to sore toenails. File them, if that’s easier.

2. Go barefoot

Go barefoot or wear open-toed sandals whenever you can in the hot weather (except when you’re in a communal shower or changing area) to help stop your feet getting sweaty and smelly.

3. Forget flip-flops

Don’t be tempted to wear flip-flops or flimsy sandals all through the summer. They don’t provide support for your feet and can give you arch and heel pain if you wear them for too long.

4. Change socks daily

If you have to wear socks in hot weather, change them once a day and choose ones that contain at least 70% cotton or wool to keep your feet dry and stop them smelling.

5. Remove hard heel skin

Hard, cracked skin around the heels is very common in summer, often caused by open-backed sandals and flip-flops rubbing around the edge of the heel. Use a foot file, emery board or pumice stone to gently rub away the hard skin, then apply a rich moisturising cream with a Urea concentration to soften the skin.

6. Banish blisters

Blisters strike more often in hot weather. They’re caused by rubbing, especially between the toes if you’re wearing flip-flops with "thongs".

Prevent summer blisters by stretching out sandals. Wear them with socks and walk around indoors to loosen them up, or use foot balm to protect your skin from chaffing.

If you do get a blister, don’t pop it. Cover it in a plaster and if it bursts, apply some antiseptic. 

7. Pedicures

Be careful with pedicures from salons where instruments are not disinfected or sterilised between clients as this can pass on infections.

8. Watch out for foot infections

The floors of communal showers and changing rooms at open-air and hotel swimming pools are hot spots for infections such. Don’t wander around public pools barefoot. Protect your feet by wearing flip-flops in the changing room and at the pool edge.

9. Tackle sweat

If you have sweaty feet in the summer, it’s even more important to wash your feet each morning and evening in warm, soapy water, then dry them thoroughly. You can also use an antibacterial wash, which deals with foot odour. Then wipe them with cotton wool dipped in surgical spirit and dust them with talc.

10. Use sun cream on your feet

Don’t stop at the ankle – put sun cream on the tops and soles of your feet as well. Not only does the skin on your feet and toes need protection, but nails are made of protein and are therefore as vulnerable to sun damage as your skin.

Bonus Number 11. See a podiatrist if you have any issues with your feet!

Toenail Reconstruction

Wilde Pedique toenail reconstruction is a cosmetic improvement to damaged and unsightly toenails. It could also be described as a prosthetic nail replacement or gel nail.

The wilde pedique gel is designed for toenails, it is an acrylester rather than an acrylic which is bonded to the permanently exposed nail until it grows out. Most patients get between 6 and 8 weeks with the false nail, some may last longer depending on the quality of the natural nail underneaith.

The pedique nail is nontoxic, nonabsorbent, slightly flexible (so it is less likely to break in shoes) and shaped to fit your nail so won’t pop off like a false nail. This is in contrast to acrylics that are usually bonded to the nails in beauty salons which can be too brittle or damage the nail or can lift the skin underneath. They can also allow moisture between the layers of nail causing possibilities of a fungal infection, this is minimised by the silver properties in the wilde pedique.

This treatment can be applied to any nail condition provided there is a nail to attach to – loosely attached or lifted nails, damaged nails and thick or fungal nails that don’t grow fully or are deformed are transformed with the pedique nail replacement. 

The treatment takes around 30 minutes and can be applied to any nail, colourful gel polish can be applied thereafter and your nails can be ready for the summer!


Why a Podiatrist, why not a Chiropodist?

Well technically both are the same job role, podiatry is the more modern term for the lower limb specialist, chiropodist is still valid too!

Podiatrists in Scotland study a 4 year undergraduate degree at either Glasgow Caledonian or Queen Margaret Universities. The course covers anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biomechanics, disease pathologies, pain management, orthotics, podiatry concerns and much more. The degree covers everything from the growth of nails to knee pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. 

Did you know we can treat verrucae, ankle sprains, ingrown toenails, hard skin, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel pain, corns, fissures, cracked heels, mortons neuroma, fungal nails, hammer toes, bunions, athletes feet, chilblains and callouses.

Methods of treatment we use at Rebecca Allan Podiatry include: Nail Surgery, Foot Mobilisation, Custom Orthotics, Acupuncture, Verruca Freezing and Needling, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatments, Toenail Reconstruction and much more!

We are now located in Suite 2.11, 94 Hope Street Tuesday - Saturday!

We now have a new selection of products to sell from within the clinic too!

Podiatrists are specialists in the lower limb, if you have any issues or concerns call us today and make an appointment on 0141 266 0129.


Privacy Policy!

I'm sure by now all of you will have heard the acronym GDPR. Here at Rebecca Allan Podiatry you can read our privacy statement and ask any questions. 


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If you are not happy for this information to be retained, we unfortunately will be unable to provide you with any podiatry care.

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Further Information

Rebecca Allan Podiatry keeps patient records remotely via an electronic patient record system, Should you become a patient with Rebecca Allan Podiatry we encourage you to read our GDPR policy above which will be provided to you again should you become a patient.

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Update on Rebecca Allan Podiatry!

After 10 weeks in business Rebecca Allan Podiatry is starting to flourish and build it's own identity. We are working between two locations, one in Hope Street beside Glasgow's Central Station and the other in Shawlands in Beauty Inc Shawlands. Working between two locations gives you as my patient more options for appointment times from late nights on a Wednesday in the City Centre after work or on a Saturday afternoon in Shawlands. 

Since starting Rebecca Allan Podiatry now has more treatment options on offer including Toenail Reconstruction, Nail Surgery, Foot Mobilisation, Verruca Needling and Biomechanical Assessments. Within First Class Physiotherapy there are a team of excellent physiotherapists that I have the pleasure of referring to when necessary. 

Whether you are are a marathon runner or are new to exercise a biomechanical assessment may be able to determine why you are experiencing pain, we have a treadmill and can offer video gait analysis to make sure you are functioning at your best. We work alongside an orthotics manufacturer to create completely custom orthotics that are bespoke for you. 

Booking appointments have never been easier by using our online tool to book, this allows you to control when you want to attend. 

On May 20th we will be at Sweat It Festival and showing off some of our fancy equipment and skills to help you keep your feet and body feeling great!

And our special Summer discount gives you a full podiatry treatment and gel polish for £40, our discount code to book online is '40offer' and to make a booking in Shawlands call -    0141 649 8222.


A New Chapter

a new chapter.png

In 2012 I moved to Glasgow from ‘Down in the Borders’ in Galashiels to study Podiatry at Glasgow Caledonian University. I had always wanted to work in healthcare and knew that I had the personality that felt comfortable working with people.

In 2016 I graduated with 2.1 BSc Honours in podiatry. After graduation I have worked within various private practices and multidisciplinary clinics, these have spanned Glasgow and the West Coast. Working in these clinics have built my confidence to work alone and know when to refer on to other team members. I have gained experience in biomechanics, rheumatology, diabetes and paediatrics. 

My hobbies include playing hockey, so all too often I have heard the moans of team mates. From sore toenails, battered and bruised feet to weak ankles. These complaints often ruin fashion plans, whether it's a night on the town, a holiday, or spa day, too many people feel self conscious about showing their feet! However this is where we can help you, you shouldn't have to make compromises in your lifestyle because of how your feet look or feel.

I founded Rebecca Allan Podiatry to cater to what I see as a gap in the market. For people- maybe even people like you-  who want their feet to look good and most importantly, feel great. 

On the 28th of February I start a new chapter in my career, and I look forward you being a part of it- I can't wait to get started!

Cosmetic Podiatry?

Are you embarrassed about your feet?

Do you want beautifully soft skin and polished toe nails but are too embarrassed to see your regular beautician? Our podiatrists here at Rebecca Allan Podiatry can help, they provide a number of services dedicated to make your feet as good as they feel. 

Laqish Nail Polish is a revolutionary nail polish designed especially for the toes. It is long wearing  like your usual gel polish. These contain Piroctone Olamine an antifungal chemical to avoid fungal infections from spreading. They can be worn for up to 4 weeks and it is recommended to see us for removal. 


Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish is the other option like the traditional nail polish, it is a line of podiatrist formulated nail care created by board certified American podiatrists. This nail polish can minimise the appearance of dry brittle nails, hydrate nail cuticles and improve the wear-time of your nail colour. 

A warm wax therapy treatment is a truly relaxing, luxurious and soothing treat to help your feet. The treatment is especially beneficial if you suffer from hard skin, muscle or ligament pain or arthritis. 

Make an appointment today!

What is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine that studies the whole of the lower limb, to become a Podiatrist you must study a Bachelor of Science Degree in Podiatry and be registered with the Health Care Professions Council. 

In the UK there is no difference between Chiropodist and Podiatrist, however Chiropody is the old fashioned term, in 1993 it changed to Podiatry. Podiatry is the internationally recognised name for practitioners that specialise in the lower limb and foot.

Chiropody to Podiatry is the same change as Chemist to Pharmacist, many people still interchange these terms. 

Chiropody can also be used as the word to describe routine podiatry including nail care, corns, callouses and verruca treatment.

Podiatry is seen to be more advanced than chiropody due to the evolution in the profession since 1993. Podiatrists now undertake minor surgery, prescribe medication, perform gait analysis, verruca needling, injection therapy, acupuncture, use ultrasound and shockwave therapy amongst other advancing treatment methods. 

Book an appointment with our podiatrist today to see how we can make you feel!

Call 0141 266 0129


What can a Podiatrist do for me?

A podiatrist can make you feel good about your feet! Podiatrists are the specialists of the lower limb, they are trained to degree standard to know about all of the conditions that could be causing you pain.

Podiatrists know the difference between a 'bunion' and arthritic changes in the big toe joint and can help you manage the pain. They can suggest injection therapy, mobilisation, footwear changes and can recommend surgery as a last resort. 

Podiatrists can also help with biomechanical problems, these can include the dreaded plantar fasciitis, achilles tendopathy and ankle sprains. Podiatrists work with you to have your feet functioning at their best whilst working with the whole body. They make recommend strengthening or stretching programmes, they may refer on for further scans, they may advise on foot mobilisation therapy to realign the bones of the foot and ankle or they may recommend rest. 

Podiatrists can also help with problem toenails, they can be misshapen, an unsightly colour, painful or problematic. Your podiatrist can treat all of these nail conditions and advise you how to treat them. Podiatrists at Rebecca Allan Podiatry are at the forefront of current research and can offer the best treatments to suit you.

Call today to make an appointment on 0141 266 0129 or email