A podiatrist can make you feel good about your feet! Podiatrists are the specialists of the lower limb, they are trained to degree standard to know about all of the conditions that could be causing you pain.

“My feet feel amazing! Nice not to feel rushed at an appointment and that proper attention was given.”
— Julie Dell, Facebook Review

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Podiatrists know the difference between a 'bunion' and arthritic changes in the big toe joint and can help you manage the pain. They can suggest injection therapy, mobilisation, footwear changes and may recommend surgery as a last resort.

How can we help you?

Podiatrists can help with biomechanical problems, these can include the dreaded plantar fasciitis, achilles tendopathy and ankle sprains. Podiatrists work with you to have your feet functioning at their best whilst working with the whole body. They may recommend strengthening or stretching programmes, they may refer on for further scans, they may advise on foot mobilisation therapy to realign the bones of the foot and ankle or they may recommend rest. 

Sometimes toenails can be a problem, they can be misshapen, an unsightly colour or even painful. Your podiatrist can treat all of these nail conditions and advise you how to treat them. Podiatrists at Rebecca Allan Podiatry are at the forefront of current research and can offer the best treatments to suit you.

Regular podiatry focuses solely on the medical treatments of the feet, but we know that people don't just want to feel good, they want to look good too.

Cosmetic Podiatry at Rebecca Allan Podiatry offers the ultimate foot care experience- your feet will be feel pampered from heel to toes, helping you feel confident at the beach, party or just relaxing at home.


Our podiatrists are able to offer a variety of treatments tailored to suit your needs

  • 4 Week Gel Nail Polish that is designed specifically for toenails.

  • Foot soaks, foot scrubs and foot masques used to leave your feet as soft as can be.

  • Warm Wax Therapy to ease any aching joints and soften any hard skin.

  • Nail reconstruction to disguise the nails you may be embarrassed by.

  • Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatment a method of treating fungal nails that a nail polish can be applied over the top.

Our podiatrists ensure the highest standard of care, with knowledgeable practitioners and every piece of equipment sterilised or is single use. We want you to feel confident that you are in safe hands: before, during and after your treatment.