Podiatry Treatments


Routine Treatment

30 mins


Routine podiatry appointment including nail care, corn and callous removal, basic verruca treatment and ingrown toenail care.


Ingrown Toenail

15 mins


Do you have a painful ingrown toenail? Our podiatrist will remove the nail spike that is causing your pain, dress the toe and provide you with appropriate advice on how to stop recurrence. 

Nail Surgery 

90 mins

Price on Request 

Our Podiatrist will discuss the option of having nail surgery, which would lead to the permanent removal of the nail spike. Redressing appointment in 1 week and followup after 6 weeks included in price. 


Nails Only

15 mins


Do you struggle bending down to cut your toenails? Our simple nail cut and file with a podiatrists expertise and knowledge may be for you!


Verruca Treatment 

15 mins


Do you have a verruca that is not going away? Verrucae are plantar warts that are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus that are highly contagious. Verrucae can be painful when occurring over weight bearing areas of the foot. Our podiatrist can advise on the best treatment ranging from debridement, cryotherapy, salicylic acid therapy to the most advanced treatments including verruca needling. 


Biomechanical Assessment 

60 mins

Prices start at £60

Do you suffer pain when walking, running or exercising? Or do you notice a stiffness in any of your joints? A biomechanical assessment looks at the way the bones, muscles and associated structures are aligned and interact to see why you are suffering from pain. Our podiatrist uses the latest research to provide a service to have you feeling as great as you should. We use a combination therapy of foot mobilisation, orthoses, stretching exercises and strengthening to have you feeling great. 


Cosmetic Podiatry Treatments


Nail Reconstruction

60 mins

From £40


Are you embarrassed by your toe nails? Our podiatrist can have them looking their best for special events or holidays. We utilise special techniques called Wilde Pedique to create a new nail covering any fungal nails or previous nail removals. 

Please enquire further before booking this service. 


Medical Pedicure

60 mins


A full podiatry treatment finished with a warm wax treatment and foot bath, scrub and massage.

Warm Wax Treatment

30 mins


Warm wax therapy can soothe aching feet. The treatment is especially beneficial if you suffer from hard skin, muscular pain or arthritis. Your feet will thank you for it and feel like new! 

Gel Polish Pedicure

60 mins


The first gel style nail polish designed specifically for toenails. It is safer than gel polishes designed for finger nails and can be used in conjunction with fungal nail treatment or nail reconstruction. Laqish can last up to 4 weeks. This polish needs to be taken off professionally.