Why a Podiatrist, why not a Chiropodist?

Well technically both are the same job role, podiatry is the more modern term for the lower limb specialist, chiropodist is still valid too!

Podiatrists in Scotland study a 4 year undergraduate degree at either Glasgow Caledonian or Queen Margaret Universities. The course covers anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, biomechanics, disease pathologies, pain management, orthotics, podiatry concerns and much more. The degree covers everything from the growth of nails to knee pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. 

Did you know we can treat verrucae, ankle sprains, ingrown toenails, hard skin, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel pain, corns, fissures, cracked heels, mortons neuroma, fungal nails, hammer toes, bunions, athletes feet, chilblains and callouses.

Methods of treatment we use at Rebecca Allan Podiatry include: Nail Surgery, Foot Mobilisation, Custom Orthotics, Acupuncture, Verruca Freezing and Needling, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Lacuna Fungal Nail Treatments, Toenail Reconstruction and much more!

We are now located in Suite 2.11, 94 Hope Street Tuesday - Saturday!

We now have a new selection of products to sell from within the clinic too!

Podiatrists are specialists in the lower limb, if you have any issues or concerns call us today and make an appointment on 0141 266 0129.