What can a Podiatrist do for me?

A podiatrist can make you feel good about your feet! Podiatrists are the specialists of the lower limb, they are trained to degree standard to know about all of the conditions that could be causing you pain.

Podiatrists know the difference between a 'bunion' and arthritic changes in the big toe joint and can help you manage the pain. They can suggest injection therapy, mobilisation, footwear changes and can recommend surgery as a last resort. 

Podiatrists can also help with biomechanical problems, these can include the dreaded plantar fasciitis, achilles tendopathy and ankle sprains. Podiatrists work with you to have your feet functioning at their best whilst working with the whole body. They make recommend strengthening or stretching programmes, they may refer on for further scans, they may advise on foot mobilisation therapy to realign the bones of the foot and ankle or they may recommend rest. 

Podiatrists can also help with problem toenails, they can be misshapen, an unsightly colour, painful or problematic. Your podiatrist can treat all of these nail conditions and advise you how to treat them. Podiatrists at Rebecca Allan Podiatry are at the forefront of current research and can offer the best treatments to suit you.

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